Burlap Pillow Square

Pillows are an essential design element to any room.
The best way to get the unique design style that you're looking for is to create your own. Our Burlap Pillow Square is a craftable burlap pillow cover designed with an envelope style back allowing you to add to and remove from pillow forms
. It's of the highest quality burlap, 100% jute and is made in the USA.
Canvas Corp pillow covers are affordable enough to buy in bulk, create and re-sell in an online shop, are of the highest quality to alter and give as gifts, and craftable to allow creative thinkers add unique items to home decor settings.
These square pillow covers come in four different sizes.

square in shape
100% jute
comes in 4 different sizes
12" x 12"
14" x 14"
18" x 18"
20" x 20"


Burlap Pillow Square - product images