Woven Red Embossed Pillow Pocket 18 inch Vintage Upcycled Quilt

This beautiful Pillow pocket is 19" by 19" and made from a recycled vintage woven embossed bedspread quilt.


!!!!!!!!!! You will receive the Pillow Pocket casing only !!!!!!!
if you want the pillow insert you can order the case and insert option.

the insert is not included in the casing only list price.

I wash each spread twice to insure the cleanest fabric I can get it. And then only the best part of every spread is used!

I love the embossed tulip design on this spread!
I added the white on white bow front to add a bit of zing to the pillow pocket!
The addition of the red ring pulls the design together!

When your casing needs to be washed.....remove the pillow form and simply throw it into the washer and dryer. that's it!

There is a limited number of Pillow Pockets that I can make from each throw so get them while I have them, they sell fast in my B&M shop and at my shows!

Please note: on this item shipping overages will be refunded based on your purchase of which option you choose.

If you choose to order the pillow insert with your pillow pal.......it is also machine wash and dry!